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To inspire and enhance families in need through education, technology, and community outreach, globally.
Serving communities and families with Clean Water Wells, Fodd Drives and Communtiy Outreach.
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Your gift to 44.5 Foundation helps us continue to pave the way to serve communities and families in need.

our programs

Clean Water Wells

Together, with local government authorities, we are building water wells to supply potable water in Cameroon, Africa.

Community Outreach

We strive to create social impact by the adoption of elementary school Cameroon, Africa to support families with visible signs of poverty.

Community Food Drives

Our mission is simple – is to serve at least 100 families within the local community of Cameroon, Africa.

Our Impact - Community Food Drives

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Current Events

  • December 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Food Donation
    • The 44.5 Foundation monthly food drive was held at the Bonaberi Hausa chief compound. We distributed food to 45 families 5kg bags of rice, 2kg of spaghetti and a liter of cooking oil. All families expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s continued support of needy families in the Bonaberi district of Douala. The monthly food drive for December is a huge booster to many families during the holiday season when food prices are notoriously high. The foundation reached out this month to the physically challenged also to share some holiday cheers.
  • December 2021
    Babenga, Cameroon
    SMART Christmas Feast
    • 44.5 Foundation is a proud sponsor of SMART Christmas feast with denotations of toys and entertainment for the event. The parents proudly watched the kindergarteners put numerous talent shows after which the children received their gifts from Santa Claus. The head mistress in a poignant speech thanked everyone that contributed to making this day such a success. She spoke to the amazing support of 44.5 Foundation this year as a cornerstone to the success of the school.
  • December 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    44.5 Foundation Christmas Dinner
    • The Cameroon Chapter of 44.5 Foundation hosted a Christmas dinner in Bonaberi, Douala to bring together different stakeholders and general members of the public to express our gratitude for an amazing year of activities. We opened with a word of prayer and a word of welcome highlighting 44.5 Foundation and its 2021 events. Dinner included Cameroonian treats including Poulet DG, Suya, fried plantains, and fruit salads. Our guests were treated to popular Christmas carols by the Holy Family Choir while dinner was being served. During dinner, we discussed the details of our monthly food assistance program, which was very appealing to many would-be sponsors who felt such a program has an immediate impact on families in need. Our guests were very impressed with our commitment to serving families and pledged to partner with 44.5 Foundation next year in our Food Drive program.

What Our Families Are Saying

How Can You Help

Along this journey, we have learned to celebrate the big moments, along with the small moments. We are excited to share a EVERY moment with you!

  • A donation of $25.00 provides a bag of food that feeds a family of 5 for 7 days.
  • A donation of $100.00 provides new equipment for the school technology lab.
  • A donation of $445.00 provides school tuition, textbooks, uniforms and supplies for 1 child for a school year.
  • A donation of $1,000.00 provides 5% of the total cost to build a clean water well to benefit a village of 5,000 residents.

Your Donation Today is Extremely Appreciated