“It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.” — Nelson Mandela

About Us

The 44.5 Foundation, based in Atlanta, GA, strategically and intentionally partners with local and global communities to help families to become empowered in their everyday lives.

At 44.5 Foundation, we have chosen to empower youth, families and communities in the areas of clean water wells, education, community outreach assistance and technology.   

Our Vision

Our vision is to impact 50,000 families over the next 5 years.  We are confident that we will be able to achieve this with our current community partners and with those with who we will partner in the future. 


“Today, to pursue my  legacy, I have been  working diligently to build  a company and  foundation where both  technology and social  development intersect and empower.”

Conroy Campbell

Letter from our Founder

In the summer of 2020, Ahmed and I were engaged in a deep conversation on how families in Cameroon survive on an average of $200 per month. At first, I was astonished by this reality. Within minutes, my soul felt I can, and I will do more to lend a hand to the less fortunate. This was the beginning of 44.5 Foundation.

Today, I have been working diligently to build a company and foundation where both technology and social development intersect. I am very proud of our efforts to inspire and enhance families in need through education, technology, and community outreach – globally!

We agreed to establish education, community outreach and potable water accessibility as the pillars of our Foundation. With very little, we have been able to impact over 1,000 family members in Cameroon, Central Africa through our food drives, donated school supplies to 500 students and are projecting to start construction on our first borehole clean water well to supply water to a rural community in desperate need. All of these in under nine months!

Together, we can accomplish so much more. For as little as $25, we can feed 2 families for a week. With just $445, we can pay tuition and all school needs for a whole academic year for a student. And with $1000, we can substantially contribute to the construction of a borehole water well to supply upwards of 5000 souls.

I am truly honored to be used as a vessel to make an impact, not just here at home, but also within communities around the world. I will keep you updated on our progress. As we embark on this journey of being of service to one another. I send hope and joy your way!

Join us today to help build a better world and invest in families to create a lasting impactful change.

Our Mission

To inspire and enhance families in need through education, technology, sports, and community outreach, globally.

Our Values



44.5 Foundation was created to uplift communities, globally, while still honoring their local cultures and traditions. We design programs that transform and engage families to reach their fullest potential.

Community Outreach

We are committed to helping local communities, globally. Through various programs, we part with schools and other non-profits to ensure that we widen our impact and never walk alone. We truly believe that it does take a village to make a difference.

Technology Academy

Empowering students to participate in today’s technologies with tools and strategies to focus on career development, understanding, programs, and awareness in tomorrow's new world of technology.

Aug 2020 44.5 Foundation Website Launched
January 2021 School Textbook Drive
March 2021 Clean Water Wells Projects
May 2021 Frist Food Drive
May 2021 Food Drive
June 2021 Food Drive in Bonaberi-Douala

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