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SMART Bilingual Primary and Nursery School
Investing in Families to Create a Lasting Impact of Change
Monthly Community Food Drives
We work globally, serving remote and underserved corners of the world.
School Supplies and Technology Drives
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Technology Advocacy
Emerging technological tools are giving us the means to empower students and turn them into critical thinkers.

We have partnered with the SMART Bilingual Nursery and Primary School via our Cameroon Chapter.  We are committed to assisting the students and families at the school year-round.  The students of SMART Bilingual Nursery and Primary School are determined to do their best to accomplish their dreams as they complete each grade level successfully.

SMART Bilingual Primary and Nursery School

Founded: 2019

Location: Babenga, Cameroon

Grades: Pre-K through 5th

Principal: Irene Ndeh

Student Enrollment: 500

Greatest Need: Tuition Assistance and Supplies


SMART Bilingual and Nursery Primary School was started in Babenga, littoral region of Cameroon in 2019 to accommodate the influx of internally displaced persons(IDPs) from the North west and Southwest regions due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. The current school enrollment is about 500 students and that includes a nursery section and primary school within the same complex. In addition to the standard government issued curriculum, the staff encourages students to practice extracurricular activities such as farming and sports activities. The students boast of their own farm which they nurture and are very proud of.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to Change the world.

Nelson Mandel

SMART Campaign Accomplishments

June 2022 - Book Drive Donations

At the heart of 44.5 Foundation’s mission is committed to fostering education in underprivileged communities. Our donors made a generous donation of over 1000 books and reference dictionaries to the school library. The staff of SMART BKPS was at a loss for words at the sheer volume but also the quality of the books. This was truly above and beyond anything they expected in terms of a book donation. 44.5 Foundation is very thankful to all of our donors who made this dream a reality.

December 2021 - SMART Christmas Feast

44.5 Foundation is a proud sponsor of The SMART Christmas Feast with donations of toys and entertainment for the event. The parents proudly watched the kindergarteners performed numerous talents shows, after which the children received their gifts from Santa Claus. The headmistress, in a poignant speech, thanked everyone that contributed to making this day a success. She acknowledges the amazing support of 44.5 Foundation this year as a cornerstone to the success of the school.

October 2021 - SMART School TV and Internet Donation

At the beginning of the academic year, SMART Bilingual Nursery and Primary School had expressed the need to upgrade technology tools available on site to teach the students. As part of our ongoing partnership with SMART BNPS, 44.5 Foundation donated a 43” LG smart television equipped with high-speed internet capabilities for the school. The smart TV would provide direct access to online educational material to both the teaching staff and the student body. At the reception ceremony, the head mistress was overwhelmed at how promptly 44.5 Foundation responded to their request. She further praised our thoughtfulness at providing reliable high speed internet access, which the teaching staff would utilize for academic research purposes.

September 2021 - Sports Wear Donation

The Cameroon Chapter of 44.5 Foundation has adopted SMART Bilingual Primary and Nursery School to kick off the 2021/2022 academic year, by supporting the school staff through a sportswear donation, which took place in school premises. 27 staff members were very happy when they were informed that the 44.5 Foundation was coming that afternoon to distribute their long-desired uniforms. On account of the school’s limited budget, they did not have the funds to provide the teachers with sportswear. After a brief welcome speech, we proceeded distributing the sports uniforms to the school staff. The school administrator was full of praise for our continued support of the school. We stand by our promise to honor our commitments in assisting SMART BNPS as they strive to provide education to the low-income communities.

January 2021 - School Textbook Drive

By way of our Cameroon Chapter, we were able to adopt a school and provide textbooks for the ENTIRE school.  We are working towards raising funds to help all students be able to pay for their tuition, textbooks, and obtain the needed school supplies for the 2021 – 2022 school year.