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Our mission is simple – help feed families as they intentionally grow spiritually.

The reality is there are a number of families who do not have enough food to properly break fast.  We are here to help those families in need.

Our goal is to serve at least 100 families within the local community of Cameroon, Africa.  With your help, we can achieve our goal! 

  • • Within a minimum of $25.00, we can feed a family of 7. 
  • • Each family will receive a 44.5 Grocery Bag with food to last at least 1 week. 
Aug 2020 44.5 Foundation Website Launched
May 2021 Frist Food Drive
May 2021 Food Drive
June 2021 Food Drive in Bonaberi-Douala
July 2021 Eid al-Adha Food Drive

Our Food Distribution Impact

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What Our Familiess Are Saying

“As head of household, I do not have the words to express my family’s gratitude for this gift. My wife and I host all of my siblings and their children during the feast of the ram and you all have made it possible for all to share in this very special meal. Thank you”

A. Razak

“We are grateful to Ahmed and the 44.5 Foundation team for their generous gift to our faithful during this season of Eid! May the good Lord reward them abundantly”

I. Njikam

“The choice of sharing rams during the period of Eid-al-Adha was very thoughtful on the part of the people at 44.5 Foundation. Please come back next year and may Allah reward all your efforts.”

A. Moussa

“I want to thank 44.5 Foundation for the amazing gift of rice, cooking oil and goat meat during this big Sallah. Many of our families will have a festive week thanks to your kind gesture. God bless you all.”

Y. Achu

“I just want to thank 44.5 Foundation for their donations. My wife and I were not sure we’ll have enough for our large family. Your gift is right on time.”

F. Alassa

“Thank you Mr Ahmed for this initiative. We count on your Foundation to stand with our communities in times of need.”


“We, the less privileged, are used to people making promises and not keeping them. It’s refreshing to see an NGO that actually keeps to its word of doing a food drive monthly.  May Allah bless all your hard work.”

Z. Oumarou

“Peace of Allah with you. We struggle often to make ends meet so we do not expect much during the festive season. I thank 44.5 Foundation for the blessing of this lamb to our community.”

I. Nsangou

44.5: What are your feelings after this donation?

Answer: May God abundantly bless your efforts

N. Aicha

"Thank you all so very much. As you all have remembered us little folks, may your accomplishments be rewarded"


44.5: What do you have to say about this foundation?

Answer: First, May the peace of God be with you all. I am exceedingly happy just like the others. May this initiative last a long time.


“Peace of God be with you all. We are extremely grateful to this association that has donated this food because we just don’t have money to afford it. May the Lord reward you in abundance. Thank you so very much for thinking of us”

Z. Oumarou

44.5: What do you have to say to show your appreciation for this foundation?

Answer: Well, this donation exercise today was completely unexpected. It’s my sister Hadjiya who informed us about it and we all are very glad about these gifts. May God smoothen the path of our benefactors.


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