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44.5 Foundation Food Campaigns


Our mission is simple – help feed families as they intentionally grow spiritually.

The reality is there are a number of families who do not have enough food to properly break fast.  We are here to help those families in need.

Our goal is to serve at least 100 families within the local community of Cameroon, Africa.  With your help, we can achieve our goal! 

  • • Within a minimum of $25.00, we can feed a family of 7. 
  • • Each family will receive a 44.5 Grocery Bag with food to last at least 1 week. 

Our Impact - Food Distribution

44.5 Foundation Campaigns
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Food Donation Accomplishments

December 2021 - Community Food Drive

The 44.5 Foundation monthly food drive was held at the Bonaberi Hausa chief compound. We distributed food to 45 families 5kg bags of rice, 2kg of spaghetti and a liter of cooking oil. All families expressed gratitude for the Foundation’s continued support of needy families in the Bonaberi district of Douala. The monthly food drive for December is a huge booster to many families during the holiday season when food prices are notoriously high. The foundation reached out this month to the physically challenged also to share some holiday cheers.

November 2021 - Community Food Drive

44.5 Foundation renewed its monthly food drive efforts in Cameroon with the focus on senior citizens who have been in dire straits recently. We were able to support 50 different families, each receiving one liter of cooking oil, a 5kg bag of rice, and 2kg of spaghetti. The food drive recipients were abundantly grateful for the foundation’s food donation. These food items will support each family for up to 14 days.

August 2021 - Community Food Drive

Our monthly food drive was a huge success held at the terrace of the the Hausa Chief Palace in Bonaberi Douala. We distribute 5kg bags of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil and 1kg of pasta to 50 families. Emotions ran high as many of the mothers expressed profound gratitude for the foundation’s steadfast assistance to the needy. At the end of the distribution, there were lots of hugs and thanks to the foundation leadership and prayers concluded the event.

July 2021 - Community Food Drive

To commemorate God’s test of Ibrahim, many Muslim families sacrifice an animal and share the meat with the poor. The celebration usually spans 4 days worldwide. 44.5 Foundation provided 50 families with cuts of lamb, a 5kg bag of rice and 2 liters of cooking oil.

June 2021 - Community Food Drive

We are very excited and honored to be able to conduct our second food drive and distribution at Hausa Chief Palace in Bonaberi-Douala. We provided 60 families, that included senior citizens, widows and parents, with a 5kg bag of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil and 1k of sugar.

May 2021 - Community Food Drive

Our first food drive and distribution were in Bamenda in northwest Cameroon to help families during Ramadan. We provided 40 families with a 5kg bag of rice and 2 liters of cooking oil each. This feeds about a family of 7 and the food can last 10 days.

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