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“Thank you for your assistance to our community of poor. Thank God for 44.5 Foundation.” Zulay Oumarou

Community Food Drives
Our mission is simple - is to serve families within the local communities in need.
Community Outreach
We strive to create social impact to families and communities with visible signs of poverty.
Clean Water Wells
Together, with local authorities, we are building water wells to supply clean water to Cameroon, Africa.

Our Campaign Accomplishments

  • December 2021
    Bonabéri, Cameroon
    Community Food Donation
    • The 44.5 Foundation monthly food drive for December is a huge booster to many families during the holiday season when food prices are notoriously high. The December food drive was held at the Bonabéri Hausa chief compound, where we distributed 5kg bags of rice, 2kg of spaghetti, and a liter of cooking oil to 45 families. All of them expressed gratitude for the 44.5 Foundation’s continued support of needy families in the Bonabéri district of Douala. Also, the foundation reached out this month to the physically challenged also to share some holiday cheers.
  • December 2021
    Babenga, Cameroon
    SMART Christmas Feast
    • 44.5 Foundation is a proud sponsor of The SMART Christmas Feast with donations of toys and entertainment for the event. The parents proudly watched the kindergarteners performed numerous talents shows, after which the children received their gifts from Santa Claus. The headmistress, in a poignant speech, thanked everyone that contributed to making this day a success. She acknowledges the amazing support of 44.5 Foundation this year as a cornerstone to the success of the school.
  • December 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    44.5 Foundation Christmas Dinner
    • The Cameroon Chapter of 44.5 Foundation hosted a Christmas dinner in Bonabéri, Douala to bring together different stakeholders and the public to express our gratitude for an amazing year of activities. We opened with a word of prayer and a word of welcome, highlighting 44.5 Foundation and its 2021 events. While our guests were being entertained with popular Christmas carols sung by the Holy Family Choir, they were being served dinner, which included Cameroonian treats of Poulet DG, Suya, fried plantains, and fruit salads. During dinner, we discussed the details of our monthly food assistance program, which was very appealing to many potential sponsors, who felt such a program has an immediate impact on families in need. Our guests were very impressed with our commitment to serving families, therefore, they pledged to partner with 44.5 Foundation in our Food Drive program next year.
  • November 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Food Drive
    • 44.5 Foundation renewed its monthly food drive efforts in Cameroon on November 4, 2021. The drive focused on the elderly, who have been in dire situations, recently. 50 different families were abundantly grateful for the foundation’s food donation of 1 liter of cooking oil, 2kg of spaghetti, and a 5kg bag of rice, which will support each family up to 14 days.
  • October 2021
    Babenga, Cameroon
    SMART School TV and Internet Donation
    • At the beginning of the academic year, SMART Bilingual Nursery and Primary School had expressed the need to upgrade technology tools available on site to teach the students. As part of our ongoing partnership with SMART BNPS, 44.5 Foundation donated a 43” LG smart television equipped with high-speed internet capabilities for the school. The smart TV would provide direct access to online educational material to both the teaching staff and the student body. At the reception ceremony, the head mistress was overwhelmed at how promptly 44.5 Foundation responded to their request. She further praised our thoughtfulness at providing reliable high speed internet access, which the teaching staff would utilize for academic research purposes.
  • May 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Food Drive
    • Our next distribution drive was in Bonabéri, Douala, where we distributed 1 kg of fresh meat to widows and single moms, which should last them about 1 week.
  • September 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Book Drive
    • The Cameroon Chapter of 44.5 Foundation organized a book drive for needy children in Bonabéri, Douala on September 18, 2021, at the Hausa Chiefs Palace compound. $500 worth of notebooks, pens, and pencils distributed to 120 parents and kids, with each parent or child being given 4 notebooks, a pencil and 2 ballpoint pens. During testimonials, many parents were sincerely grateful that 44.5 Foundation kept its promise, because this does not happen often. Many kids joyously wished success to the founders of this initiative, and parents acknowledged that these kids are now 44.5 Foundation Kids. Our continuous commitment with the children will elevate their academic progress in school.
  • September 2021
    Babenga, Cameroon
    SMART Sports Wear Donation
    • The Cameroon Chapter of 44.5 Foundation has adopted SMART Bilingual Primary and Nursery School to kick off the 2021/2022 academic year, by supporting the school staff through a sportswear donation, which took place in school premises. 27 staff members were very happy when they were informed that the 44.5 Foundation was coming that afternoon to distribute their long-desired uniforms. On account of the school’s limited budget, they did not have the funds to provide the teachers with sportswear. After a brief welcome speech, we proceeded distributing the sports uniforms to the school staff. The school administrator was full of praise for our continued support of the school. We stand by our promise to honor our commitments in assisting SMART BNPS as they strive to provide education to the low-income communities.
  • August 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Food Drive
    • Our monthly food drive was a huge success held at the terrace of the Hausa Chief Palace in Bonabéri, Douala. We distributed 1kg of pasta, 2 liters of cooking oil, and 5kg bags of rice to 50 families. Emotions ran high as many of the mothers expressed profound gratitude for the foundation’s steadfast assistance to the needy. At the end of the distribution, there were lots of hugs and appreciation to the 44.5 Foundation’s leadership, and prayers concluded the event.
  • July 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Eid al-Adha Food Drive
    • To celebrate God's test of Ibrahim, many Muslim families, across the globe, sacrifice an animal and share the meat with low-income communities in the span of 4 days. The 44.5 Foundation provided 50 families with cuts of lamb, a 5kg bag of rice, and 2 liters of cooking oil.
  • June 2021
    Bonaberi, Cameroon
    Community Food Drive in
    • We are very excited and honored to conduct our second food drive and distribution at Hausa Chief Palace in Bonaberi-Douala. We provided 60 families, that included senior citizens, widows, and parents, with a 5kg bag of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil, and 1k of sugar.
  • May 2021
    Bamenda, Cameroon
    Our First Food Drive
    • Our first food drive and distribution was held in Bamenda, Cameroon to help 40 families during Ramadan. We provided each family with a 5kg bag of rice and 2 liters of cooking oil. This amount of food can feed a family of 7 for 10 days.
  • March 2021
    Clean Water Wells Projects
    • 44.5 Foundation It’s 2021 and clean water is still one of the most desperate needs of poor communities all around the world. A lack of usable water often means disease, hunger and suffering. Safe water improves health and education so communities can begin to grow themselves out of poverty.
  • January 2021
    School Textbook Drive
    • By way of our Cameroon Chapter, we were able to adopt a school and provide textbooks for the ENTIRE school.  We are working towards raising funds to help all students be able to pay for their tuition, textbooks, and obtain the needed school supplies for the 2021 – 2022 school year.
  • August 2020
    Atlanta, GA
    44.5 Foundation Website Launched
    • In the summer of 2020, Ahmed and I were engaged in a deep conversation on how families in Cameroon survive on an average of $200 per month. At first, I was astonished by this reality. Within minutes, my soul felt I can, and I will do more to lend a hand to the less fortunate. This was the beginning of 44.5 Foundation. Welcome to our website.
Television Donation to SMART

It always seems impossible until it’s done

Nelson Mandela

Community Food Drive Donation

“I admire the work your NGO has done in such little time. You have given so much to hope for to so many. You all really have an impact in our little community here in Bonaberi. My children now really look forward to the quality rice that you distribute every month. I choke up just thinking what was it like before 44.5 Foundation started it’s acts of goodwill”


School Supply Donation to SMART

“We, the less privileged and are used to people making promises and not keeping them. It’s refreshing to see an NGO that actually keeps to its word of doing a food drive monthly.  May Allah bless all your hard work.” 

Zulay Oumarou

“As a widow, I always look forward to the monthly food drives by Ahmed and his Foundation. Our family of 8 depends heavily on their generosity. May they continuously be blessed.’

Ma Elise