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Feast of the Ram Food Drive

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The 44.5 Foundation joined our Douala-based beneficiaries during the 2022 celebration of the feast of the Ram (Eid-ul-Adha). As a hallmark of our continued assistance to families facing economic challenges, we organized a lump of meat giveaway to over 170 families who put meat on their table as part of their meal during this special holiday.

It is important to remember that Eid ul Adha is a commemoration of the test of Faith by God to Prophet Abraham who asked for his own son as a sacrifice. Just when the prophet was about to execute himself, God recognized his obedience and allowed him to replace said son with a ram.

The 44.5 Foundation successfully distributed 1kg of fresh meat per family to 175 families, spread over two locations in the Bonabéri section of Douala. The distribution lasted over 2 hours as we started with senior citizens and continued with single mothers and fathers. As expected word got out quick enough that 44.5 Foundation was again coming to the aid of families, but fortunately we were able to manage the growing crowd.

The Imam of Mambanda Central mosque prayed over the food and the audience and directed special prayers to the staff and founders of 44.5 Foundation asking God to strengthen us to do even more. Several single parents testified to how timely our donation was especially as food prices are uniquely high during this festive season. We remain committed to supporting efforts that will improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries.

Join us next month for our barbecue cookout food drive.

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