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Books Donation

At the heart of 44.5 Foundation’s mission is committed to fostering education in underprivileged communities. This was once again made apparent at the book drive organized on June 2nd, 2022 on the campus of SMART Bilingual Kindergarten and Primary School (BKPS). Our donors made a generous donation of over 1000 books and reference dictionaries to the school library. The staff of SMART BKPS was at a loss for words at the sheer volume but also the quality of the books. This was truly above and beyond anything they expected in terms of a book donation.

Ms Irene Ngum, the school administrator, was short of words at the sheer sight of the books. She pointed out that these books were fit for a college library. Even as 44.5 Foundation staff were unpacking the books, the little kids came rushing in picking up several Harry Potter books and other children’s text and simply marveled and the unexpected gift.

Madame Katherine, who is in charge of the school library was gushing with praise and thanksgiving for not just the generous gift but the thoughtful act that would go a long way to enrich and empower these young minds. She showered praises on our USA team for a remarkable effort in gathering so many books.

We visited the school library where  space had already been prepped for the new books. As the school year ends for the summer break, a staff pointed out that this donation would immediately spur summer school to allow the students and the larger Babenga community to visit the campus to take advantage of these books. Plans were already being made for a book club and even reading exercises amongst the school staff.

44.5 Foundation is very thankful to all of our donors who made this dream a reality.

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