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Founded      2020

Founders       Conroy Campbell, Ahmed Siewe

Chapters        Atlanta, GA and Cameroon, Africa


A Purpose Driven Company

30% of Profit Given

Thirty percent (30%) of net profit from the sale of 44.5 Strategies is given to 44.5 Foundation to create resources where youths of all ages can rise above poverty through health, education, sports, and community outreach.

Our Vision

To create a world of resources where youths of all ages can rise above poverty through health, education, sports, and community outreach.

Social Mission

To operate a company that recognizes the core role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life’s through technology, sports and community outreach.

Our Goals

  • To build 5 clean water wells to dramatically reduce widespread waterborne diseases in Cameroon, Africa
  • To create 10 technology labs to build youths inquiry mains and develop empowerment
  • To feed distressed communities with nutritional monthly food drives


January 2021 – School Textbook Drive


By way of our Cameroon Chapter, we were able to adopt a school and provide textbooks for the ENTIRE school.  We are working towards raising funds to help all students be able to pay for their tuition, textbooks, and obtain the needed school supplies for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

March 2021 – Clean Water Wells

 It’s 2021 and clean water is still one of the most desperate needs of poor communities all around the world. A lack of usable water often means disease, hunger and suffering. Safe water improves health and education so communities can begin to grow themselves out of poverty.


May 2021 – Food Drive in Bamenda


Our first food drive and distribution were in Bamenda in northwest Cameroon to help families during Ramadan. We provided 40 families with a 5kg bag of rice and 2 liters of cooking oil each. This feeds about a family of 7 and the food can last 10 days.


May 2021 – Food Drive in

 The next distribution drive was In Bonaberi Douala where we distributed fresh meat to widows and single moms. Each person went home with 1 kg of fresh meat. The meat should last about 1 week.

Name: Zulay Suleiman “ We are extremely grateful to this association that has donated this meat because we just don’t have money to afford it. May the Lord reward you in abundance. Thank you so very much”

Mothers exiting donation house as they say “Thank youuuuu!! May the God richly bless your association”